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Knowing that there are resources, and knowing where to find resources are two very different things - and we understand that. With MobileYou, you have lists and maps of the resources you need and the tools to help you get there from where you are.  

Our Mission and purpose

find your way to a healthier and better you

  • Transportation options including public
  • Stay connected with the Columbus Public School calendar
  • Listings of free public events
  • And much more...

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We connect people with local resources to build a more vibrant community and individual. Our vision is to connect community members to local health and wellness resources, encouraging every resident to live healthy lives with personal empowerment and peace of mind through better access to resources.

Sarah-Jane Baserman

Founding Member - OSU Graduate Nursing - Adult Acute Care

MobileYou Columbus wants to help you get connected to the resources you need in the Columbus Metropolitan area. The app is free, your access is confidential, and the information is yours to use.  

At MobileYou Columbus, we want to provide you with the most thorough up-to-date information and resources possible, and we want to keep getting better.  Help keep us informed so we can deliver the best of MobileYou to you!

  • Find food options and free meals
  • Access to free physical and mental health clinics
  • Housing and clothing information
  • Find employment and develop skills

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​health oriented

Phil Newman

Founding Member - OSU Graduate Nursing - Adult Primary Care

We want to encourage every Columbus resident to live healthy and productive lives, but understand that sometimes it's not easy to find affordable options to do so.  That's where we come in!  Find your free or discount food and health options with us.