MobileYou Columbus


Why do we need mobileyou?


Sarah-Jane Baserman, RN, MHA
‚ÄčSarah-Jane Baserman, originally from Millersburg, OH, is currently a second year graduate nursing student specializing in Adult Acute Care.  She would like to one day work in either cardiology or oncology services.  Her hopes for the app are to introduce new and useful resources for the Columbus community that provide substantial help in everyday life and make an impact on their health and wellness.  

Who we are

We are Ohio State graduate nursing students who designed MobileYou for a Community Health project and wish to see it mobilized in the hands of Columbus community members.

As a future primary caregiver, I want to make sure my patients have access to anything and everything they need to live full and happy lives.  One of our biggest health promotion challenges is gaps in access to available resources for community members in need. MobileYou Columbus hopes to fill some of those gaps.



Why an app?

Our research showed convincingly that the use of smartphones is common across all socioeconomic populations.  Our app addresses the needs of underserved populations.

mission & vision

 Our vision is to connect community members to local health and wellness resources, encouraging every resident to live healthy lives with personal empowerment and peace of mind through better access to resources.